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Computer Labs & Classrooms

ITS maintains all of the technology found in the labs and classrooms on campus. View the schedules for the open labs, learn what software titles are available, and discover what technologies are found in your classroom.

Computer Labs

There are a number of computer labs on campus, all with varying hours, hardware, and software to accommodate the schedules and needs of users at SVSU. Not all labs on campus feature the same software titles. Software like the Microsoft Office suite is fairly common and easy to find in a lab, while other specialty titles like Matlab and SPSS are found in labs typically frequented by students in the majors that use them the most.

Open Lab Calendar
Teaching Lab Calendar

Classroom Technology & Equipment

All classrooms are equipped with modern technologies that can enhance instruction and learning. For needs not met in the classroom, we have a wide variety of equipment available for checkout to employees.

Equipment Available for Checkout

Distance Education

Distance education enhances the educational experience by providing more options outside of the classroom. Students can attend classes far away, and meetings don't have to be held in person. You will feel a greater sense of community in and out of the classroom.

Distance Education Rooms on Campus

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If the Zahnow Library is closed, ITS is closed.
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