Echo360 Lecture Capture

Echo360 is SVSU's lecture capture solution. Methods for recording lectures can be broken down into three areas: Personal Capture (in the privacy of your office or at home), Classroom Capture (installed in most classrooms on campus), and Appliance Capture (equipment installation in rooms H280 and H282 only). 

If you are interested in using Echo360 for lecture capture for your class, please contact Joe Wojtkiewicz by email at, or 989-964-2165.




What is lecture capture?

Lecture capture is the recording of classroom-based activities made available for review after the class.

What is Echo360?

Echo360 is a system for recording and delivering lecture capture for your class. For more information, you can search Echo360's knowledge base.

How does Echo360 work?

Recorded lectures can be shared with students through VSpace. There are three types of capture: Appliance, Classroom, and Personal. Appliance and Classroom Captures happen in the classroom and are best for recording classroom lectures and activities. Personal Capture takes place outside of the classroom in your office, at home, or any place you can take your computer. Personal Capture software can be downloaded from the Echo360 website once you have been given a username and password for the system.

What classrooms have Echo360 on campus?

H280 and H282 in the Health and Human Services building are the only rooms on campus with the lecture capture appliances in the podiums. However, Classroom Capture can be used in almost any room on campus with the addition of webcams and microphones. Instructors can also record lecture material using Personal Capture outside of the classroom.

Does it cost me anything to use Echo360?

Echo360 is being funded by a few departments on campus. However, if you will need a webcam or document camera for recording with Personal Capture, your department will have to pay for those additional items.

Who do I contact to get started using Echo360?

If you're interested in using Echo360 to capture your class, contact the IT Support Center at x4225 or by email. We will talk to you about your training needs and decide on the appropriate plan for getting you comfortable with the software.

Does the ITD Lab offer workshops on Echo360?

Yes, we offer workshops each semester on the product. Visit the ITD Lab's workshop sign-up for more information.

What are the system requirements?

Detailed information about the hardware and software requirements on different platforms can be found on Echo360's Supported Technologies page. Also review the Echo 360 System Requirements for Personal Software Capture for Windows and Mac.

Interested in learning more?

Check to see if we have an upcoming workshop planned, or contact a trainer in the ITD Lab to schedule a 1-on-1.

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