Network File Storage Options

All students and employees have network file storage available, commonly referred to as your M: drive. See Technology Space, Size & Time Limitations for information pertaining to space, size and time limitations. There are several advantages in using this free resource, 1) generous space to save your documents while attending college and day-to-day work needs, 2) files are backed up nightly, and 3) users have multiple ways to access this resource (listed below).

How to gain Access to Your M: drive

Campus Computer Systems

All computer labs, podiums and kiosks, including staff/faculty computer systems, have a Novell Netware client that provides a mapped drive to their M-Drive storage.  Fast and easy access.  Simply logon to one of the computers with your SVSU username and password and go to My Computer and click on your personalized M-Drive.  Supports all Windows drag/drop file management features.


This is a web resource that allows users to access their data via web browser, from anywhere you're connected on the internet (home, cafes, family computers, overseas). Click the header to get details on how to use this resource, or login directly from here:

Other FTP options

All users have their web space folder (called public_html) located on their M-Drive, which allows you to manage/publish your web documents (which also holds true for other documents you store on your M-Drive).  

WebDAV Support Windows Vista/7 | Mac OSX

Windows and Mac OSX provides a way to access other network resources, such as your M-Drive, using WebDAV.  This method will allow you to create a shortcut on your desktop, which then will allow you full drag/drop file management capabilities (multiple files at a time).  However, you do not have direct edit capabilities. You must transfer (copy) files to work on them to your desktop, and then copy back when finished.  Click on the header for instructions to configure your home computer.

If you need assistance using any of the methods above, please contact the IT Support Center.