Mail Server Settings

Incoming Mail Server (IMAP)

  • Incoming Mail server IMAP:
  • Set Security Settings to SSL.

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)

  • On campus: SVSU outgoing mail server is:  - Authentication using your SVSU User ID and Password.
  • Off campus: Use your ISP SMTP servers  -  contact your ISP for documentation

SVSU ITS does not fully support the use of stand-alone e-mail clients:  The Zimbra web based system meets all of the needs for managing email, appointments, contacts, and much more. Use the information listed below to assist yourself in setting up your optional, personally preferred, third-party email client application (such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Zimbra Desktop, etc.).  Please do not contact the ITS Support Center for troubleshooting assistance with these applications.

Other Critical SMTP Info

One other reason to limit support to the web interface, is the mounting issues of spam related virus infections that occur with the use of e-mail clients. That said, the information below is to provide additional information for those that choose to pursue the thrid party e-mail client and want to configure it for SVSU Vmail.

In the on-going effort to eliminate spam (junkmail, unsolicited email, virus-laden mail, etc...), sender verification rules have been established with regards to how sent mail is approved using email clients such as Thunderbird, Outlook, Mac Mail (note: using web access does not apply here). Previously ITS allowed all mail to route through our mail servers, on campus. Because it is easy for viruses and spammers to forge the Sender (From) Address, we have introduced stricter rules on the mail server to allow us to verify genuine SVSU accounts.

With Sender Verification, your "From" email address MUST match the account that is used with your SMTP service.  This is accomplished by requiring SMTP authentication, which allows a genuine verification on the mail server and makes it virtually impossible to forge the Sender's address (commonly exploited by spammers and virus-hackers).
SMTP authentication is a mechanism for our mail server to verify who you are. The server asks for your SVSU username and password, which your email client program passes on. If you use SVSU as your ISP (Internet Service Provider), your From email address MUST be your SVSU address.  If you are verified as being a Saginaw Valley State University user, then your message can be sent using the setting.

Configuring your email client

  • To send mail through SVSU using your SVSU email account
        Email Address =
        Outgoing Server =
  • If you want to send messages through the SVSU ResNet or CampusNet, using a non-SVSU email account (for example GMail or Yahoo), you need to reconfigure your SMTP settings. You have two options:
    1. Use SVSU's SMTP service (secure).  Use your SVSU address in the From/Sender field and the keep SMTP server set to, but, enter your other GMail/Yahoo account name in the Reply To: field.
      Email Address =
      Reply To Address = or
      Outgoing Server =
    2. Use your non-SVSU email provider for your smtp service. 
      Email Address = or
      Outgoing Server =   or
      Note:  You must set the SMTP port to something other than 25 (this is blocked to help prevent spamming).  Please refer to your email provider's smtp port options (they sometimes refer to port 587 or port 1025).  SVSU cannot be responsible for other providers' port requirements or security options.

Please refer to other email providers for configuration information, prior to calling ITS.