Nook and Kindle Fire Wireless Settings


1) After setting up the Nook, select settings.

2) Choose Wireless from the list of options.

3) Locate SVSUSecure on the list of wireless networks.

4) Select the network and enter your SVSU username and password.

5) Once it is joined, log in to SafeConnect via a web browser.

Kindle Fire

1) Start by clicking the area by the WiFi indicator in the upper right hand corner. This is located by the clock.

2) Choose the option for 'More'.

3) Find the option for Wireless in the menu list.

4) The following settings are used:

  • EAP Method - PEAP
  • Phase 2 Authentication - MSCHAP
  • CA Certificate - Unspecified
  • User Certificate - Unspecified
  • Identity - SVSU User Name
  • Password - SVSU Password

5) Save and then Connect.

6) Go back to Home and then start Web App.

7) Type in then Safe Connect will come up to enter their user name and password.