Android Wireless Settings

The following instructions are for the Motorola Droid, but may work with other Android devices.

  1. Go to the "Options"key and press "Settings"
  2. Go to Wireless & Networks
  3. Turn on your WIFI if it is not on already
  4. Go to WIFI settings
  5. 'SVSU' should show up in the list of available WIFI networks, It should also show that it is "Secured with 802.1x EAP"
  6. Press and Hold 'SVSU' until the options menu comes up.
  7. If the network has been added in the past, the only option will be to select "Forget".
  8. If the network has not been added in the past, the only option will be "Connect to Network". This should be selected.

The following screen will ask for settings and credentials to connect to the SVSU WIFI Network. They are as follows:

Security: 802.1X Enterprise

EAP Method: PEAP

Phase 2 Authentication: None

CA Certificate: N/A

Client Certificate: N/A

Identity: SVSU Username should be entered here

Anonymous Identity: *Leave this blank*

Wireless Password: SVSU Password should be entered here

  1. To finalize these settings, Press 'Connect'.
  2. Then navigate to an off-campus website such as Yahoo or Google.
  3. A redirect to the SafeConnect Authentication should occur.
  4. Login with your SVSU Username and Password .