Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications provides support for users of Ellucian's Colleague software. This includes user access, login issues, programming, report printing and pickup, and remote printing issues. They also perform exam and faculty evaluation scanning, as well as ImageNow support.


Support Center

The Support Center provides help desk and technical support for all University-owned computers and computer labs, as well as phone support for SVSU employees and students. Training services are also offered for VSpace, classroom equipment and software, and new and emerging technologies.

Technical Services

Technical Services designs, installs, administers, troubleshoots and maintains the University’s three-tier LAN/WAN/MAN data network, and provides support for network users. They also do software installation and maintenance on computers across campus.

Web Technologies

Web Technologies is responsible for the SVSU website, content management system, learning management system, and other web-based applications. They deal with the design, development, and maintenance of University-level web pages.

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