Software Installation Policy & Procedures

As stated in the University INTERNET AND NETWORK RESOURCES ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY (AUP), all employees of the University shall honor and follow copyright and license laws of computer software.


This policy expands on the AUP to define proper procedures for software installation.


Installation of SVSU purchased software on Personally-owned microcomputers

    • ITS staff will not install software or data files on Personally-owned microcomputers.
    • SVSU retains the rights of ownership for SVSU purchased software media and will only provide checkout media for home installations where allowed by EULA agreements.
    • Individuals that have installed SVSU purchased software on their Personally-owned microcomputer are responsible for abiding by the EULA (End User License Agreement) agreement (which may include removal of software upon termination of employment).
  • Installation of personally purchased software on University Owned microcomputers
    • ITS staff will not install personally- owned software or data files on University owned microcomputers.
    • When University owned microcomputers are replaced, it is the user's responsibility to make any copies of personally-owned software and data files before the old microcomputer is replaced, and their responsibility to re-install such software on the new microcomputer.
    • Users installing personally purchased software on University owned microcomputers must provide ITS the EULA for each software package, prior to its installation. ITS will evaluate and verify compliance of the software license agreement. In many cases, license agreements may require the package to be removed from home microcomputers (may not be used on more than one CPU).
  • ITS will retain the installation media of all software purchased by the University.
    • In cases where Library staff do installations of database access software, the Library will retain an installation copy of the media and will make a backup copy for ITS' files.
  • ITS will install all software purchased by the University, but only on University owned microcomputers.
  • All software installed on University owned systems must be accounted for through some form of proof of purchase and copies of EULA agreements (this includes personally owned software).
  • ITS will perform periodic audits to ensure software compliancy. Proof of purchase and copies of EULA agreements are required pieces of evidence towards compliancy.
  • ITS will perform a migration of programs and data from one University owned microcomputer to a replacement unit owned by the University. This may occur when a unit either becomes non-repairable or through periodic replacement plans.
  • ITS will retain a copy of the hard drive image for no more than 30 days after a system migration has been performed. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure they have the appropriate and legal software/data on their system backed up to either their M: or alternate media (DVD/CD/USB flashdrive).