ResNet Overdrive

As of Fall 2009, Overdrive remains an option for students.  However due to significant increases in bandwidth on the main campus, Overdrive is not recommended as a solution for gaming system problems.

Customer Overview


We currently have over 2,450 students sharing ResNet bandwidth during times of maximum usage. In general everyone gets an equal share of the bandwidth and are subject to the SVSU bandwidth priority policy.

Heavy users of bandwidth often feel they don’t have enough bandwidth to meet their needs particularly during peak usage times.

Users playing game systems that are very sensitive to response time may well have problems during peak usage times.


For FA-09 students can sign up for “ResNet-Overdrive”. This is a separate allocation of bandwidth that will be increased as more students sign up.

As each student signs up, we will increase the Overdrive bandwidth by approximately 40 times more bandwidth per student than the standard ResNet. And it is dedicated to those students.

Each customer may register up to 4 devices. This could, for example, include a computer and three game consoles. Each registered device will access the customer's Overdrive bandwidth from anywhere in ResNet ( the university residential facilities ). Overdrive customers using gaming consoles will still be subject to the ResNet Wireless and Gaming Console Policy

However, due to recent Network upgrades, Overdrive will no longer work with multi port hubs and switches.  If you plug in a multi-port hub or switch your devices will not be running on Overdrive.

We are working to correct this problem, but do not see a short term fix.

Costs and Limitations for FA-09

  1. Customers will be charged $80/semester for FA-09. Charges will be pro-rated for partial months.
  2. Charges must be pre-paid for the entire semester and are non-refundable.
  3. All existing policies posted in the University Appropriate Use Policy will remain the same, including the prohibition of peer-to-peer file sharing.
  4. Overdrive is only accessable thru wired data ports in Residential Living facilities.  A registered device will work on any wired data port in any Residentail Living Facility.  Overdrive is not available on the SVSU wireless network.
  5. It may take up to two working days (Monday thru Friday) to get a customer switched over to Overdrive once the receipt is presented at the Support Center.

Sign-Up Procedure

To sign up:

  1. On or after Aug. 31st (the first day of classes), visit the Cashier’s Office in W-166 to pay fee.  The non-refundable fee is $80 for a full semester and will be pro-rated on a weekly basis for a partial semester.
  2. Bring receipt to the Support Center at SCB 128. See map below.
  3. You will be sent an informational email you have been added to the Overdrive customer list.