Photo Access Policy For Datatel/Colleague Screens


SVSU has been very careful to limit photo access in both the on-line directory system and in the University Phone Book.

With the next generation of the Colleague client software (UI-4.3), photos can be made available via Datatel/Colleague screens.



As the Datatel/Colleague screens showing photos:

  1. Are only to be available from office computers in administrative offices

  2. Are not available in ResNet and in computer labs

  3. Are only available from off-campus via a secure VPN (The VPN access can also be used by employees in computer labs during orientation sessions, and by Resident Assistants over ResNet.)



    1. The display of student, staff, and faculty photos is not invasive and does not put the individual at personal or fiscal risk through public display


  1. There is no need to provide students, staff & faculty with a photo display opt-out option.