Miscellaneous Account Management


Miscellaneous accounts fall into three categories:

  1. Former students who have not graduated and have no other role at SVSU.
  2. Miscellaneous consultants or others who have temporary need of and SVSU account.
  3. Generic accounts for training or student workers.

During FY 07-08 the many members of the SVSU campus community received a number of "phishing" e-mails asking them to "validate" or "verify" their account information by replying with an e-mail containing their UserID, password, date of birth, and country. In spite of multiple education attempts, several members within the campus community replied to those messages and provided the requested information. Beyond giving personal data via email (leading to potential identity theft), those user's accounts were unscrupulously compromised and used to send out more SPAM. The end result of those replies resulted in SVSU being identified as a source of SPAM on the Internet, which lead to outgoing SVSU e-mail to be blocked and discarded by many ISPs.

Password Expiration

All miscellaneous accounts will have their password expire 3 times per year, on or about February 1st, June 1st, and October 1st.