Carpool System User Agreement

  1. The University Appropriate Use Policy applies to all postings in the Car Pool System.
  2. By using this service you agree that the University is not responsible for your personal safety, comfort, or successful travel arrangements and hereby agree to release the University from any and all liability that might arise from your use of this service.
  3. You are solely responsible to ensure that your ride has insurance coverage, a valid drivers license, and a registered, licensed, and road worthy vehicle.
  4. The messages posted on this site are those of the author and not of the University.
  5. The University does not verify the information listed, assumes no responsibility for uses that may be made of it, and reserves the right to delete inappropriate listings as outlined in this user agreement.
  6. The University is not responsible for the actions of users of this service. When users contact each other through this service and agree to participate in any ride share or carpool relationship each should ascertain the condition of their situation to insure personal safety and that no laws will be violated in the course of their association. The University will not be responsible for any financial arrangements to which users might agree.
  7. The University may monitor the contents of the listings to the ride share and carpooling system but is not responsible for their content. Any user who feels that a listing is inappropriate or contains objectionable content may report that listing using the "Report Posting" feature included on the view posting feature for each individual listing.