FERPA Student Employee Letter - Instructions

Instructions for Student Employees

The Registrar's Office and Information Technology Services are pleased to announce the introduction of web-based services for students, faculty and staff. Our system, Cardinal Direct will provide staff members with secured access to such information as position summary and, where appropriate, leave balances. A number of staff members also receive direct access to student information in Colleague, the university's AIS system.

Before we provide web access, we require that all review the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 as Amended, otherwise known as FERPA, and to acknowledge their understanding of FERPA and acceptance of their responsibilities as school officials. We ask all staff members to undertake this review regardless of their degree of access to student information because each staff member as an employee of the university has a responsibility to maintain the security of student information.

Please review the FERPA Student Employees (55kB) (93kB)‌  and return a printed, signed acceptance form as soon as possible to your the Registrar. Should you have any questions about FERPA or guidelines for compliance, feel free to contact the Registrar's Office for clarification or consultation. We appreciate your cooperation.


Cliff Dorne