Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: How can I request extra ID cards?

A: ID cards can be requested by calling the appropriate toll-free number listed below:

BCBS PPO 1-877-354-2583
MESSA 1-800-336-0013
HealthPlus PPO 1-800-332-9161
HealthPlus POS 1-800-332-9161

BCBS Dental 1-877-354-2583
BCBS Vision (VSP) 1-877-354-2583


Q: Who do I call if a claim is rejected or if I haven’t received a response on a claim?

A: Contact the appropriate provider number listed above. Be sure to have your contract number, date and type of service, provider’s name, and the charge for each service.


Q: Why does my dental coverage keep getting rejected?

A: Be sure the dentist uses the appropriate dental contract number. If with BCBS the contract number is a 999--------- number, be sure not to give them your social security number. If the dentist used your ss#, then they must resubmitted with the correct 999# that is on your dental card.

What to do if you are injured at work

Q. What do I do if I am injured at work

A. Read the Injury or Illness at Work Policy in the Operations Manual

Complete the Injury or Illness at Work form for SVSU Employee Incident Form (114kB) (includes student employees and employees) or Non Employee Injury or Illness at Work (71kB) (includes students, visitors, and other third-parties).

Please contact the Human Resources office at any time if you have any questions or concerns regarding an injury or workers' compensation claim. 

Tuition Waiver

Q: If I want to take a class, when must I sign up for Tuition Waiver?

A: The application must be submitted prior to the beginning of the semester in which the employee wants to enroll.

Q: Do I need permission from my Department to take a course?

A: Your supervisor does not need to give you permission to use the Tuition Waiver program. But you still need to fill out the Tuition Waiver form, which is located at the Human Resources Office in order to receive your reimbursement.

Q: What if the course I want to take is only offered during working hours?

A: According to the Support Staff Association Contract, work schedules may be adjusted to allow employees to take classes during normal working hours only if written permission is received from the appropriate Vice President. This permission includes an agreement to make up hours or utilize paid or unpaid leave time. Administrative/Professional employees must also have approval from his/her superior to take classes during working hours.

Q: Are part-time employees eligible for the Tuition Waiver program?

A: Yes, regular part-time employees scheduled to work twenty (20) hours or more a week are eligible for the same Tuition Waiver benefits as full-time employees.

Q: How long does it take for me to receive my reimbursement money?

A: You see the tuition deduction in the beginning of the Tuition Waiver process. Initially you fill out the Tuition Waiver form, which is located at the Human Resources office. The form is sent to the Financial Aid Office for their records. After you receive your tuition bill, you take it to the Financial Aid Office to have it discounted.

Q: Is Tuition Waiver available for graduate courses?

A: Yes, tuition waiver is available for Saginaw Valley State University graduate courses, however in some cases it may be considered a taxable benefit. Graduate spouse and dependent tuition waiver is always considered a taxable benefit to the employee. The taxable value is computed each semester and is included in compensation over a number of pay periods during the semester. For graduate tuition waiver for the employee it is considered a taxable benefit once the cumulative waiver exceeds $5,250 during the calendar year. This typically happens in the fall semester. For questions, please contact the Controller's Office.


Q: How many credits am I allowed to take and still qualify for Tuition Waiver?

A: The University does not have a limit on the amount of credits required in order to receive Tuition Waiver benefits.