Advertising Information

The hiring department must provide a draft of the advertisement (which should include qualifications and responsibilities) to the Human Resources department for advertising. This draft can be attached to the Authorization to Begin Recruitment form (175kB) . The hiring department will be responsible for placing any ads on all web sites and list servers. Human Resources must approve all advertisements submitted prior to posting. Please list all publications/newspapers in which you request the advertisement to be posted. There is a section on the Authorization to Begin Recruitment (1kB) specifically for this.

Local Papers

Please note that there are deadlines for all publications. In order to get an advertisement placed in the Sunday local newspapers (Saginaw, Bay City, Midland) you must have the advertising information/ad draft to the Human Resources department prior to noon on Thursday.

The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education is published every Friday. The deadline to have an advertisement placed in The Chronicle of Higher Education is two weeks prior to publication date. This means you must have your drafted advertisement to Human Resources department two weeks in advance of publication.

If you have any questions regarding the advertisement process please contact the Human Resources department at 989.964.4112.