About Your Employee Assistance Program (E.A.P.)


RTEmagicC_f05d9c65ca_01 ® (SVSU's Employee Assistance Program)

Effective January 1, 2003, SVSU implemented a national contract with the Ceridian Corporation called ®, an employee assistance program, to provide employees and eligible family members with free, short-term worklife services.

Ceridian's master's-level consultants and certified employee assistance professionals (CEAP's) will provide employees and eligible family members with immediate confidential, professional assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling toll-free Human Resources: Benefits - Ceridian Corporation Phone Number, and identifying yourself as a Saginaw Valley State University employee. Employees may also access Ceridian's award-winning website for a broad range of information, resources and interactive tools. For login/password information, please contact Human Resources at 989-964-4108.

What is an Employee Assistance Program?

An Employee Assistance Program, or EAP, is designed to do just what the name says, assist employees. The EAP offers professional and confidential assistance to help you and your family with problems that may arise. The program assists you and your family members in identifying and resolving personal concerns, including grief/loss, family, financial, marital, drug, alcohol, emotional, legal, stress or other issues that may affect your personal or work lives.

About Ceridian

As a national leader, Ceridian offers the industry's widest range of integrated Employee Assistance, Work-Life and Health & Wellness solutions: counseling from masters level clinicians, in house attorneys and financial consultants, health education experts, child care and elder care experts, 24 hour management consultation and elder care assessments.

Who is Eligible?

Employees of SVSU are eligible for participation in this program. Family members, such as spouse, dependent children and other persons living in the same house, are also qualified for these services.

Why use an EAP?

SVSU recognizes that everyone experiences some personal problems at various times in life. These personal issues may make it tough for you to focus on work and may leave you with little energy to handle others aspects of your life.

Unresolved problems can interfere with relationships with others, job performance and personal happiness. This is where an EAP can help, giving you the confidential, qualified assistance you need during these challenging times.


Whatever your issue, the ® OneSource service will provide information to help you make appropriate choices as you manage your work and life demands. This one-stop source for information, resources, and community referrals offers confidential assistance in the following areas:

  • Parenting & Child Care - concerns about becoming a parent, adopting a child, child development, parenting skills, child care options, dealing with teenagers, and special needs issues.
  • Education -including referrals to public and private schools, college/vocational schools, working with teachers, school problems/study habits, help in understanding college funding options, and special needs programs.
  • Emotional Well-Being, including relationship issues, stress, coping with change, grief and loss, family and marital issues, depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders, and domestic violence.
  • Everyday Issues - including home and car buying, transportation services, pet care resources, home maintenance and repair, house/apartment resources, volunteer opportunities, and consumer information.
  • Financial - including debtor/creditor issues, budgeting, investing, insurance and tax planning, retirement planning, credit management and financial management.
  • Health & Wellness - including preventive health, self health management and complementary/alternative care options for pain, weight, diabetes, and stress management, nutrition, fitness, smoking cessation, men's and women's health, cardiovascular health, as well as confirmed referrals to providers and programs that help individuals address health needs.
  • Legal Matters - including divorce, landlord/tenant and real estate, debtor/creditor issues and criminal matters.
  • Work Issues - including co-worker relationships, performance concerns, job insecurity, career development and balancing work and personal life.
  • Resources for Older Adults - including caring for elders, understanding the aging process, alternative living arrangements, home care options, making the nursing home decision, long distance caregiving and understanding Medicare.

® offers you:

  •  Phone and online access to experienced professional consultants - real people you can talk with when you need an answer to a question.
  • Face-to-face sessions with consultants on specific issues
  • An award-winning Web site with online articles, workshops, locators, and much more
  • Free booklets, audio recordings, and other materials to help you get the answers you need in the format you want
  • Referrals to resources, services, and support in your community.

® is fast, confidential, and easy to use. It's absolutely free. And best of all, it's there for you any time of the day or night, wherever you are. Just call the program at Human Resources: Benefits - Ceridian Corporation Phone Number - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can visit online at www.lifeworks.com (call Human Resources for SVSU's user id/password). Take advantage of all that ® has to offer.