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Samantha Anger

Research Assistance: Studying the Creativity, Meanings and Technology of Music Mixing

Dr. Robert Drew, Advisor


Richard Davila

What Does It Mean to Be “Scene”?

Dr. Robert Drew, Advisor


Mindy Eisengruber

Understanding and Overcoming the Glass Ceiling for Women in Management: An Exploratory Study

Dr. David Schneider, Advisor


Jaclyn R. Kapustka

An Autoethnographic Study of the Duties, Triumphs, and Challenges of Coaching a Collegiate Forensics Team

Dr.  Amy Pierce, Advisor


Mary L. Oakley

A Whole New World: A Study of How Fans Expand the Fictional World of High School Musical through Fan Fiction

 Dr. Robert S. Drew, Advisor


Ellen E. Rodman

Perceptions of Satisfaction and Emergency Preparedness in American Red Cross Training Courses

Dr. Amy Pierce, Advisor


Courtney N. Trares

The Last Ten Days: Governor Sarah Palin’s Coverage in the New York Times During the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election

Dr.  Amy Pierce, Advisor


Elyse R. Vigiletti

Disney Feistiness: Not Quite Feminism

Dr.  Robert S. Drew, Advisor


Jordan Vincent

Video Game Platform Choice: A Uses and Gratification Approach

Dr.  Melissa Lewis, Advisor