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Coreena Bliss
Calcium Soap: A Good Intermediate for Biofuel
Dr. David Swenson, Advisor
Michael Bradford
SiGe Precursor Synthesis
Dr. Andrew Chubb, Advisor
Megan L. Fotjik
Breaking the Temperature Barrier: Improving the Cold Flow Properties of Biofuels
Dr. David S. Karpovich, Advisor
Kelly Jo Force
Effectiveness of Commercially Available Enzymes on Cellulose Digestion
Dr. David Swenson, Advisor
Stephan Jahn
Completing the Cycle: Formation of Cloud Point Depressants fro Glycerin Obtained in the Production of Biodiesel

Dr. David Karpovich
Jacob Alexander Milne
Lanthionine Ketamine
Dr. David Swenson, Advisor
Anna Pickens
Developmentof a Method to Measure Lanthionine Ketimine in Urine of Individuals with Down Syndrome
Dr. Tami Sivy
Devan Schlund
Expression of Isoprene Synthase as a Proposed Cytotoxicity Relief Mechanism
Dr. Tami Sivy, Advisor