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Honors Program: For Faculty

The Honors Program selects a content theme for its courses each year that is suggested to us by faculty throughout the university. For example, faculty from the Nursing department suggested the theme of the body in 2005-2006, faculty from the Chemistry department suggested the theme of technology in culture for 2006-2007. The Honors Program is interested in faculty suggesting themes for future years. Our selection will be based on suggestions that offer a coherent theme across disciplines from classes in general education. We prefer that faculty who teach the classes are also doing research in the particular topics.

Please send suggestions for future themes to Elizabeth Rich at .

If you are interested in teaching a course in the Honors Program please submit a one-page description of how your course fits our theme for the year and how your course will provide additional challenges for students at the general education level. We will also need a copy of a syllabus that shows how the course fits the theme and the additional requirements.