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Four Reasons Why HLC Accreditation Matters

HLC accreditation matters to all university stakeholders—students, faculty, staff, and community members.

 *It is a public measure of quality. It offers a direct statement (supported by clear evidence) of SVSU’s institutional effectiveness and continual improvement. Accreditation helps guide students who are considering applying or transferring to SVSU, and it allows SVSU credits to transfer elsewhere. It aids in faculty and staff recruitment, and it signals the strength of our graduates.

 *It provides transparency to our stakeholders and our broader community.  Accreditation is a public, external demonstration of institutional accountability, integrity, and responsibility.

 *It addresses federal and state demands.  It allows SVSU to award federally-backed financial aid. (Approximately 80% of our students receive financial aid.)  It permits the institution and individual faculty, staff, and students to apply for a range of federal and state grants and programs.  

 *It can be of immense internal value.  As a practice centered on ongoing assessment, it can help all members of SVSU’s community better understand our rich, multi-faceted institution and can help shape institutional change and improvement.

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Accreditation Liaison

David Callejo Perez, Associate Provost


Academic Affairs, Wickes 338
7400 Bay Road
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8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.