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Executive Health Care Leader Track

Course Requirements

HS 540 Health Care Finance 3 cr Hybrid
HS 550 Medical Informatics for Healthcare Management 3 cr Online
LS 580 Human Resource Development 3 cr


HS 600* US Health & Human Service Systems 3 cr Online
HS 510* Health Care Accreditation & Process Improvement 3 cr Hybrid
HS 630* Developing Community for System Health 3 cr Online
LS 615 Ethics in the Professions 3 cr Hybrid
LS 655 Program Evaluation 3 cr Online
HS 620* Legal & Regulatory Perspectives in Health Care 3 cr Online
HS 646*  Leadership of Health & Human Service Organizations 3 cr Online
HS 689** CAPSTONE: Health Leadership Project 3 cr Online

*Additional course selection eligible for requirements of Healthcare Leadership Certificate

**Taken after majority of courses are completed within the program


Healthcare Leadership Certificate
earned after completion of 12 credits of MSHAL program,
including HS 540, HS 550, LS 580 and one additional course selection*

Master of Science in Health Administration & Leadership
earned upon program completion  (33 credits)



Executive Health Care Leadership Track (297kB)