Work Study Program

Federal School Code : 002314


Michigan Undergraduate Work Study Description

The Michigan Work Study Program offers on-campus employment to undergraduate, Michigan Resident students based on need. Funding and regulations are provided by the State of Michigan. (Funding is currently not available for this program.)


Federal College Work Study Description

This program offers on-campus employment to students based on need. Funding and regulations are provided by the Federal Government.



Students must submit a FAFSA Form to determine eligibility and be enrolled at least half-time (6 credits or more) per semester.


On-Campus Job Application

The Career Services Office places students in on-campus positions, as well as has information for off campus internship and employment opportunities. For more information go to

Full job descriptions are available on the Cardinal Job Network ( Please be sure to carefully READ each job description as the positions have different needs in terms of work study status or working shift hours.

To Apply:

  1. Log onto the Cardinal Job Network,
  2. Select the "Student Login" link
  3. Enter your SVSU username and password to access the database
  4. Upload your resume under "My Documents" (paper student applications are no longer used)
  5. Select "Job Search" and then select "on-campus" under the "Position Type" option
    Note: You may also use the "JobID" option to look up specific positions
  6. Apply to those positions that you qualify for

If you have questions on applying, you should contact Career Services at



Questions & Answers Regarding Work Study

How will I know if I am eligible?

Your Financial Aid Award Letter, viewable at under Self-Service/Cardinal Direct, may reflect that you are eligible for Federal College Work Study. For this to happen automatically, you had to have expressed interest in work study on your FAFSA and be eligible for the award.

What if my award letter does not reflect a Work Study Award?

  • If you did complete and submit a FAFSA Form, and your award letter did not list a Work Study Award, you may contact the Campus Financial Services Center at SVSU. They can help determine if you are eligible. 
  • If you did not complete and submit a FAFSA Form, you will need to do so and as soon as possible to determine your eligibility.
  • If you do not qualify for Federal College Work Study, you may still be eligible for a regular student employment job on-campus. Go to the Career Services website for employment opportunities at

Is the awarded amount listed on my award letter applied to the cost of my tuition?

Work-study funds do not initially count toward any bill a student may have at SVSU.  The student earns work-study funds if they are hired into a position, and the student receives a paycheck every other week.  The student may choose to use the funds to pay off remaining balances at SVSU, but still needs to adhere to all payment deadlines.  A work-study award does not guarantee a job for the student; it just means that the student is eligible.  The student needs to fill out a job application, see for more information.