Federal School Code : 002314


What is Verification, and What Does it Mean to Me as a Student Waiting to Receive Financial Aid?

Verification - Is a process in which any financial aid applicants may be selected to turn in documentation verifying the information that was reported on their Free Application for Federal Student Aid form (FAFSA) to their financial aid office. The Federal Processor will notify the student by a statement on their Student Aid Report (SAR), and the financial aid office the student listed on their FAFSA form. Financial Aid will not be disbursed while student is under verification.

Documentation—once the financial aid office is notified that the student has been selected for verification, the school will notify the student and list the types of documentation the student will need to submit to the financial aid office—do not submit any documentation to the Federal Processor (FAFSA).

RTEmagicC_ec26909be9 If I have already submitted documentation, why do I have to submit more information?

During the process of verification, there may be inconsistencies that may appear, to clarify; new or additional information may be required. It is important to submit requested documentation immediately.

What does verification mean to me as a parent?

Along with student information, parent(s) may be asked to submit documentation to continue processing their son or daughters financial aid. Documentation may include but is not limited to verification worksheets, federal tax transcripts, W2's, etc. This information is necessary to continue processing.

What are my options to verify my tax information?

To obtain an IRS tax return transcript, go to www.IRS.gov and click on the “Order a Return or Account Transcript” link, or call 1-800-908-9946. Make sure to request the “IRS tax return transcript”. If you have filed an amended tax return, you should also request the “IRS tax account transcript”. If you, or your parents, filed separate tax returns, you must submit tax return transcripts for both parties.
You should receive the transcript(s) within 10-14 business days.

*OR – You may use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool that is part of FAFSA on the Web. Go to www.FAFSA.gov, log in to your FAFSA record, select “Make FAFSA Corrections”, and navigate to the Financial Information section of the form. Follow the instructions to determine if you, or your parents, are eligible to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to transfer IRS income tax information into your FAFSA. Our office will receive the updated FAFSA information within 4-5 business days. The transcript will not be required if you use this option.