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Foliotek Pilot Information for Students

What elements will be included in the Foliotek portfolio?
Who controls access and information in your e-portfolio?


Courses and Organizations participating in the Foliotek pilot project:

Course or Organization Contact person
NURS 101: Nursing as a Health Profession Andrea Frederick, lead faculty
SW 485: Senior Seminar Mark Giesler, lead faculty
ENGL 111: Composition I Sherrin Frances, Elaine Hunyadi, Helen Raica-Klotz, lead faculty
ENGL 080: Writing Skills Christina Montgomery, Suzan Aiken, Gillan Markey, lead faculty
MGT 351: Intro to Entrepreneurship Joe Affholter, lead faculty
ME 481: Senior Design II Brooks Byam, lead faculty
ECE 499: Senior Design II Russ Clark, lead faculty
RFS 398: Contemp Issues in Leadership Andy Swihart, lead faculty
Cardinal Formula Racing Tom Mahank, faculty advisor
Delta Sigma Pi (fraternity) Emily Korn, President
Alpha Phi Omega (RSO) Tyler Sears, President
Career Services Staff Mike Major, Director; Tom Barnikow, Asst. Director
Writing Center Staff Helen Raica-Klotz, Director