Student Accomplishments

Emily Krueger (Class of 2012) is currently a grad student at the University of Michigan School of Information, specializing in Library and Information Science! She also works reference at the University of Michigan graduate library.

Nathan Phillips: Tyner Award Recipient, 2013, Fiction, "The Author of 'Belfast's Daughter'", Nominator: C. Vincent Samarco

Sarah Arthur: Tyner Award Recipient, 2013, Poetry, “For All Intensive Purposes” and Other Poems, Nominator: Arra Ross

Lauren Boulton: Has been accepted into the MFA program at Bowling Green State University, where she will be focusing on Poetry

Justin Brouckaert: Awarded the James Dickey Fellowship, as a top fiction candidate for the MFA program at the University of South Carolina. He was also wait listed at Ohio State University’s MFA program. He will be deciding between those programs in the coming months.

Rebecca Schwartz: Won the 2013 Braun Writing Award in Arts and Behavior Sciences.

Pete Stevens: Read the new piece from Squalorly's Fiction Editor in Literary Orphans: Man at a Café

Justin Brouckaert: Squalorly contributor Justin J. Brouckaert Has A Blog and Ten Other Toes

Brandy Abraham: Read her new poem, Southern Cooking, in Stone Highway Review

Marlin Jenkins: Read his new poem, Riverside, 1976, in Squalorly

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