ELP Grading

In Tier One, students either receive a “P” or an “F”.   A grade of “P” indicates that students demonstrate sufficient mastery of the course material to be successful either in the next level or the next tier. A grade of “F” indicates that students do not demonstrate sufficient mastery of the course material to be successful either in the next level or the next tier. If students receive an “F” grade, they will be registered for the same level (in all classes) the immediately following semester. 

In Tier Two, students receive a letter grade and must get a 75% or better to pass the class.  If they do NOT pass a class, students will be re-registered IN THAT CLASS the semester immediately following.  

Tier Two Grading Scale:

100-94%      =          A

93-90%        =          A-

89-87%        =          B+

86-83%        =          B

82-80%        =          B-

75-79%        =          C+

70-74%*    =          C

69-60%*    =          D

<,= 59%*   =          F

*Bold denotes a failing grade 

In Tier 3, ELP 077 is graded on a Pass/Fail basis.  ELP 078 is graded as a basic skills university class is: 70% or better is a passing grade.

In any class, the final grade is given by the teacher and will be accessible to the student via Cardinal Direct.  Unless there is a mistake in the entering of the grade, the grade will not be changed and is non-negotiable. Any concerns about grades should be brought up well before the end of the semester and should be discussed with the instructor