English Language Program Curricula Overview

As mentioned above, the ELP has three tiers:

  • Tier One has two levels and is considered a foundation for language (pre-academic).
  • Tier Two has three levels and is focused on academic preparation along with language skills.
  • Tier Three is a bridge tier; students generally take “sheltered” classes in some subject areas along with other academic classes.


  TIER ONE Foundation Tier




Grammar and Speaking

Level 1A

Foundations in English - ELP 040


Understanding English 1 - ELP 041


Integrated Life Skills 1 - ELP 042


Level 1B

Improving English Comprehension - ELP 043


Integrated Life Skills 2 - ELP 044


Understanding English 2 - ELP 045


Tier One are Pass/Fail classes. At the end of Level 1B, the passing students will take a COMPASS ESL test for Placement within Tier Two. 

TIER TWO Basic Academic Tier




Grammar and Speaking



Prepare for Academic Classes - ELP 050


Basic English Composition - ELP 051


Campus Communications - ELP 052




Developing Academic Access - ELP 053


Integrated Writing for Academic Readiness - ELP 054


Academic Interactions - ELP 055




Academic Access - ELP 056


Integrated Writing for Academic Purposes - ELP 057


Academic Communication - ELP 058



Students must pass classes with a 75% or better in order to move to the next level in a skill level. COMPASS ESL and passing grades and/or a portfolio place into Academic Courses.


TIER THREE English for Academic Purposes 

Level 3


Reading and Learning for Academic Purpose ELP 077


Analytical Writing - ELP 078



ELP 077 is a Pass/Fail course; ELP 078 follows the structures of SVSU’s basic skills and requires a grade of 70 or higher to pass.



Reading and Vocabulary - ELP 098*1


Writing, Research, and Presentation - ELP 099*1


TOEFL Preparation - ELP 099*2