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Single-Sign-On for Echo360 has been turned off as of July 15, 2019. SSO means your SVSU network password will no longer log you into Echo360.  Your account will remain active, and your video library will not be affected. You will need to create a password for Echo360.

To create a new password for Echo360, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your SVSU email address
  3. Under the SUBMIT button, you will see... Forgot your password? Click the link "Click here to reset"
  4. You will receive a reset link in your email.
  5. Click the link in your email, "RESET PASSWORD"
  6. You are redirected to enter a new password, type it twice to confirm it. 
    * PRO-TIP: A green indication bar will let you know that your password meets Echo360's password guidelines. If you see a red bar you will need to modify what you've typed in until it turns green.
  7. You are logged automatically into Echo360.

Echo360 Lecture Capture

Echo360 lecture capture is a video capture system that provides faculty a simple way to record/share video inside or outside of the classroom within Canvas. Videos are accessible 24/7 or at your discretion. Engage your students with video-based learning, know when they have watched your videos, and extend their learning beyond the classroom with the active learning tools. 

Get trained: Departmental faculty and SVSU staff will need to be trained before they can use Echo360 Lecture Capture, you can sign up for an introductory workshop here. 

News and Updates

We have a new Lightboard studio in the Dow Doan Science East building. Sign up for a workshop to learn more.

  • Lightboard: Record a video to communicate technical diagrams or content.
  • Surface Studio: Record using Classroom Capture and annotate your screen content.
  • Whiteboard: Record using a webcam to lecture class content.


Ensure your videos are ADA Complaint with Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR). ASR can automatically create text transcripts from your Echo360 videos. Students can read along with the video and the transcript is searchable.

NOTE: To request ASR let us know in the Echo360 survey found under "Echo360 Requests." To learn more about Video Transcriptions download or view the tip sheet Echo360 Video Transcription Process (208KB)


Echo360 Launches a New Library and New App for Video Capture. Start using the new app and easily create a video on a Mac or PC. Universal Capture Personal features one-click capture; all your recordings are automatically published to your library. Sign up for a training workshop to learn more

NOTE: The old Personal Capture and Classroom Capture will no longer be available for updates or for download after August 30, 2019. Echo360 support and troubleshooting will end in January 2020.

Classroom Scheduling: Scheduled recordings require a significant notice. All requests need to be received within 7-10 days before the scheduled recording to allow time for testing. Please send your request to or call (989) 964-4225 (x.4225)


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Using Echo360 in Canvas

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