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Echo360 Lecture Capture

Echo360 lecture capture allows instructors to record professional-looking videos in the classroom or outside of the classroom then deliver them to their students in Canvas.  Engage your students with video-based learning and know when they have watched your videos. Videos are accessible 24/7 or at your discretion. 

If you have never used Echo360 before, training is essential before you can obtain user access, sign up for a introduction workshop here. 

Classroom Scheduling: Scheduled recordings require a significant notice. All requests need to be received within 7-10 days before the scheduled recording to allow time for testing. Please send your request to or call (989) 964-4225 (x.4225)

News and Updates

We have a new Lightboard studio in the Dow Doan Science East building. Sign up for a workshop to learn more.

  • Lightboard: Record a video to communicate technical diagrams or content.
  • Surface Studio: Record using Classroom Capture and annotate your screen content.
  • Whiteboard: Record using a webcam to lecture class content.


Echo360 Platform Updates: Learn how to navigate the new library and use Universal Capture sign up for a training workshop. The overall interface and navigation of platform and software have been completely redesigned.

Please note that Universal Capture will soon replace Classroom Capture (CCAP) and Personal Capture (PCAP), both will no longer be available for updates or for download in August 2019. CCAP and PCAP support or troubleshooting will sunset in January 2020. SVSU will be transitioning to Universal Capture spring/summer 2019.

Upcoming webinarsAssociate Professor of Economics, Kaustav Misra will be presenting "tips and best practices webinar" Session 2: Leverage Echo360 to Maximize Learning Outcomes in Economics on Tuesday, March 26, 2019 12:00 p.m. EDT, click here to register.


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