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Cardinal Sexual Assault Step-Up w-partial caption

Title IX Representatives

Duties of the Title IX Representatives

Available to all members of the University community to provide intake of complaints; notify Title IX Coordinator of any reports or allegations; serve on an advisory committee for Sexual Harassment / Assault Issues; support training education, communications and administration of grievance procedures.

Barry Peter

Briggs Jenna

Brown Nedra

Childs Sidney

Clark LaCreta

Decker John

Dharam Poonam

Hamlin Andrea

Heileman Cortney

Hendrickson Amy

Hooper Eltaro

Maher Jim

Mioduszewski Leo

Pohl Angela

Portwine Ron

Rabideau Marie

Roznowski Ann

Schweitzer Connie

Sims Linda

Thorns Mamie

Zecman Jamie