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SVSU Student Mentor Training Sessions

August/ September 2014

Facilitator/ Mentor Recruitment and Training

August 12,2014

Principal’s Orientation Luncheon

October 3, 2014

Program Orientation; Kaleidoscope Learning Circle,    Leadership Assessment, Pre-Student Evaluation Survey

November 14, 2014

Leadership Development; PX2 Training (Units 1-3); Service Project Introduction

December 5, 2014

PX2 Training (Units 4-6; United Way of   Midland, Saginaw, Bay Counties

January 30, 2015

PX2 Training (7-10); Diversity Dialogue   Session; networking lunch with Legislators and Local Government Officials

February 27, 2015

PX2 Training (Units 11-12); Youth Volunteerism   Workshop, Post Student Evaluation Survey

March 20, 2015

Community Outreach Service Project

April 9, 2015

GLBRYLI Recognition Dinner & Celebration


Youth Leadership Institute Focus Group