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Assessing & Evaluating Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

The Office of Diversity Programs periodically conducts a systematic assessment and evaluation of its programs, initiatives, and workshops to determine their impact on diversity and inclusion throughout the SVSU campus.  It collects and analyzes campus-wide data to better understand the issues of campus climate and the relative success or failure of the various diversity programs and policies found on campus.  This data is used to drive decisions about future programming and implementation strategies that are hoped will have a positive impact on campus-wide diversity and inclusion goals at SVSU.   Because diversity is a university-wide commitment, the Office of Diversity Programs uses its findings to assist all members (students, faculty and staff) and all departments of SVSU understand and accept campus diversity and inclusion efforts, and realizing the University's deep commitment therein.

SVSU seeks to promote a diverse campus culture and to foster respect for the differences that make each individual unique. Below is list of committees, services, and offices that SVSU takes great pride in offering to help achieve its goal. 

  • Task Force on Diversity
  • Task Force on Racial Issues
  • Diversity Curriculum
  • Disability Services
  • International Programs
  • Diversity Climate Survey
  • Affirmative Action Plan
  • Student Satisfaction Survey
  • President's Forum
  • Minority Student Services
  • Diversity Focus Group
  • Diversity Council
  • KCP FFF Committee
  • GLBRYLI Committee

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Dr. Mamie T. Thorns
Special Assistant
to the President
for Diversity Programs


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