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Meet Sydney Rawlings

Sydney Rawlings graduated from Mt. Pleasant High in 2008 and had an opportunity to play softball at Mott Community College.  Since she was young (17 when she graduated), Sydney decided that community college was the perfect in-between step for her.

"I knew I wanted to end up at a university, but community college was a great way for me to get my feet wet."  In the spring of 2010, Sydney toured SVSU, met with the director of admissions, and adds that the experience “was a homerun.”

As the first in her family to go to college, Sydney wasn’t quite sure how to navigate the transfer experience, but with the help of SVSU staff and her step-mom, she made it and admits that it was actually “pretty easy.”  By fall 2010, Sydney was officially an SVSU student with plans to major in elementary education and minor in Spanish.

Sydney loves the fact that the campus is compact. She is pleasantly surprised that just like at the community college level, she knows her professors (and they know her).

Advice from “transfer expert” Sydney Rawlings:

“You just need to do it. I had some apprehension. I didn’t know people or the area but that also made it exciting. I always knew I wanted to end up at a university so it was just a matter of where.  You get to know people fast, because everyone’s here to learn; so you have that in common.”