Vicki Rupp

I am the product of a quality education

Vicki Rupp, 1983, B.S., was named SVSU’s Distinguished Alumni in 2008. When The Dow Chemical Company Vice President of Sustainability Neil Hawkins learned of the honor, he said of his fellow Dow employee, “Vicki has had a remarkable career at Dow, rising through the ranks to become one of its most distinguished global leaders. . . She plays such a vital role in Dow’s Human Element.”

She attributes much of her corporate success to her experiences at SVSU. “The academics, my athletic experience as a member of the varsity softball team, the relationships I built both at the university and in the community – all were a part of a strong foundation.” 

“Leadership” and “Human Element” are reoccurring themes and core values in both Vicki’s university experience as well as in her many various and important roles at The Dow Chemical Company.  “When I reflect back on the choices I have made in my life, SVSU was one of the best.  The small classes and an engaged faculty who really know their students helped me immensely.  I came to SVSU unsure of what I wanted to study. Then I took a chemistry class from George Eastland, professor of chemistry.  He not only taught me to love chemistry and see how it touches every part of our lives, but more than that he taught me about leadership.”

I am grateful for a co-op experience that led to my career

Vicki credits a Dow co-op position as an SVSU student with being the entrée into the company for whom she has now worked for more than 30 years. “SVSU connected me to industry and helped bring a ‘real world’ application of what I was doing in the classroom and lab into the workplace.”

I am part of two great organizations

Vicki believes that the futures of SVSU and The Dow Chemical Company are intertwined. “Both are committed to making Michigan – and the world – a better place.”  Vicki sees that SVSU is dedicated to bringing top faculty to the region and educating students who are critical thinkers with an ability to give back globally as well as locally.  When she inquired about the number of SVSU alumni who work for Dow, Vicki says she was pleasantly surprised to learn that the number is several hundred. “That’s a reflection of those shared core values.”

I am a Cardinal who cares

“I love that slogan,” says Vicki.  “It really makes me proud.”


A 30-year employee of The Dow Chemical Company, Vicki has taken on increased responsibilities throughout her career.   She joined Dow in 1983 in Research and Development and then moved into more commerciallyoriented roles.  In 2000, she moved to an Environmental, Health & Safety director role for Dow’s Global Performance Chemicals Business.  In 2004, she became global director, Regulatory Affairs and Remediation.  She has also been a leader of Dow’s Women’s Innovation Network.

In January 2013, Vicki accepted her current position as the global director of Service Management.  In this role, Vicki focuses on the operational aspects of the company, allowing for more attention to market-focused “solutionism” and sustainability company wide.