Nikki (Salerno) Fetterhoff

I am the future Dr. Fetterhoff.

With two years of med school down and about to start hospital rotations in summer 2013, Nikki Salerno-Fetterhoff is sure her undergraduate preparation was as strong as any of her classmates at Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine.  The 2011 SVSU graduate (Bachelor of Science degree, biology major, and minors in chemistry and Spanish) claims that the well-rounded experience she had – academically as well as socially – helped her gain leadership experience, see the world, build confidence, create connections and networks and become the person she is today.

I am grateful.

Nikki is quite clear about the fact that besides her family, SVSU has been the most influential aspect of her life.  And she is incredibly grateful to both.

She thinks often about how much impact her undergraduate experiences had on her acceptance into med school as well as her current successes.  “SVSU shaped me professionally, academically, internationally and socially,” Nikki says.  She spent a semester abroad in Segovia, Spain, an experience that fulfilled one of her life-long dreams.  The Fenton native adds that the travel component of the highly selective Roberts Fellowship program was another “life changer.”  She says that her work as a Peer Health Educator, Foundations Scholar and member of the International Students Club all bolstered her confidence and helped her believe that med school was a possibility.

I am Forever Red.

There’s no escaping the fact Nikki is a Cardinal through-and-through.  She’s forgiven her older brother for going to another school and is working hard on her 16-year-old little brother to head to Cardinal Country.  And on Dec. 22, 2012, she wed Joe Fetterhoff ('11), who is having his own amazing career for the U.S. Department of Defense in Battle Creek.