Nathan Yurgaites

I am a teacher.

After Nathan Yurgaites graduated from Midland High School in 2002, he furthered his education at Delta College, completed his associate of arts degree in 2004 and enrolled at SVSU that fall.  He, like many students, wasn’t sure what program of study he wanted to pursue.  He knew he wanted to work with people. Beyond that, he wasn’t sure about a major.

Nathan temporarily stepped away from university life and into the U.S. Navy, serving from 2006-2010.  As he closed out his service, Nathan was sure about choosing SVSU and had a clear career path in mind:  he would be a teacher, majoring in physical education and minoring in history.  With support from the G.I. Bill and a “military friendly” university, Nathan returned to SVSU in winter of 2011.  He graduated in May 2013.

I am well prepared.

Nathan is pleased with the quality education he received from SVSU’s well-respected College of Education, known throughout Michigan for its thorough preparation of future teachers.   Getting a solid education at SVSU didn’t surprise him, and a bonus was getting it from professors who were “so passionate about education; they inspired us to go out and be as passionate about teaching as they are.”

Nathan plans to do just that.

Posted to bases in Virginia and Guantanamo Bay Cuba during his time in the Navy, wanderlust has him considering becoming a civilian teacher at a military base in Western Europe.  Or, perhaps, he’ll teach in China.

Wherever he lands, Nathan says there’s nothing like the feeling of accomplishment when all of the effort and hard work culminates in a dream come true 11 years in the making.