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November 2011

  • Geoffrey V. Carter, assistant professor of English, delivered a talk and film titled “Turning On and Tuning In: Expatriating Place from the Parisian Salons to the Sunset Strip” at the Western States Rhetoric and Literacy Conference in Tempe, Ariz.

  • Fenobia Dallas, associate professor of rhetoric & professional writing, gave two conference presentations titled “Mentoring Ourselves: Looking Across Campus and Across Disciplines for Support & Satisfaction” and “A Nose for News: Engaging Students as Community Writers” at the Michigan Sociological Association Oct. 29 at Grand Valley State University.

  • Clifford Dorne, associate vice president for enrollment management, and David Callejo Perez, Carl A. Gerstacker Endowed Chair in Education, received a six-year $684,000 grant from the Select Student Support Services Program of the Michigan Office of Career Development’s King Chavez-Parks Initiative to improve the retention of academically and economically disadvantaged students. Craig Aimar, assistant vice president for retention, and Shawn Wilson, director of the office of multicultural services, will assist with project implementation; Perez and data analyst Stephen Daly will conduct statistical research.

  • Julie Foss, assistant professor of modern foreign languages, presented “Keep Them Talking: Developing Speaking Skills with Information Gap Activities” at the 2011 Michigan World Language Association Conference in Lansing. Her review of Klaus Brandl’s “Communicative Language Teaching in Action: Putting Principles to Work” will appear in the December 2011 issue of The French Review.

  • Morteza Marzjarani, professor of computer science & information systems, has organized a technical session for the Joint Statistical Meeting to be held August 2012 in San Diego. The session successfully competed against some 150 proposals for six possible slots. The speakers include Sastry Pantual, director of division of mathematical sciences at the National Science Foundation, three past presidents of the American Statistical Association and Robert M. Groves, director of the Census Bureau and a cabinet member for the Obama administration. Marzjarani will also chair the session.

  • Mary Graiver, associate professor of nursing, was recently elected the Region 10 Coordinator for The Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) at its Biennial Convention in Grapevine, Texas.

  • Gladys Hernandez, professor of modern foreign languages, and a group of four Spanish students (Eric Becker, Stacy Bond, Zach Finta and Jamie Wendorf) presented “Cultural Extravaganza: An Afternoon of Spanish Cinema” at the Michigan World Language Association 2011 Conference Oct. 21 in Lansing.

  • James Hitt, assistant professor of philosophy, presented a paper titled “Vegetative State as a Postulate of Medical Knowledge” as part of a two-day conference titled “Philosophy of Medicine Roundtable” Nov. 2-3 at the University of the Basque Country, San Sebastian, Spain. Hitt also presented a paper titled “Problems with Unreportable Awareness” as part of a one-day conference titled “Philosophy of Medicine” Nov. 4 at Fundación Ramón Areces, Madrid, Spain.

  • Robert Tuttle, associate professor of mechanical engineering, had two papers, “Thermal Analysis Study of Heterogeneous Nuclei in Stainless Steel” and “Effect of Rare Earth Additions on Grain Refinement of Plain Carbon Steels,” published in the winter edition of the International Journal of Metalcasting. Tuttle was also asked to contribute a paper to International Foundry Research, which is the World Foundry Organization’s research journal based in Germany.

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Nameeta Mathur

Nameeta Mathur

"Living up to high expectations is infectious once you start meeting them. Her teaching fundamentally transformed the way I analyzed the world."

-- described Aaron Crossen, 2008, B.A., history/communication. He is a marketing and sales coordinator for Cech Corp. in Saginaw.

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