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At SVSU, we believe faculty can have the best of both worlds: being able to teach, have meaningful interaction with students, and the support to conduct and present research. Each month faculty work is published in the internal faculty/staff newsletter, the "Interior". See what's new:

December 2013

  • James Bowers, assistant professor of criminal justice, was a co-author of “Adam Walsh Act Compliance in Pennsylvania: What Does the Future Hold? A Research Note” that was published in Criminal Justice Policy Review, Nov. 2013. Also, Bowers presented “General Strain Theory: Life Stress and Criminal Involvement Among College Students” at the American Society of Criminology conference, Nov. 20 in Atlanta, GA.
  • Karen Brown-Fackler, associate professor of nursing, and Janet Ofori-Darko, nursing simulation lab specialist, presented research titled “Classroom Incivility: Comparing Student and Faculty Perceptions and Experience” at the Lilly Conference on College Teaching at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, Nov. 24. Their research was conducted at SVSU and examined experiences and different perceptions among nursing faculty and nursing students regarding what constitutes disruptive behavior in the classroom.
  • Julie Foss, assistant professor of modern foreign languages, presented “A Model for Oral Proficiency Development in a Conversation Course” at the American Council on the Teachingof Foreign Languages’ 2013 Convention and World Languages Expo Nov. 24 in Orlando, Fla. She also served as arepresentative of the Michigan World Language Association at the convention’s Assembly of Delegates.
  • Daniel Gates, associate professor of English, published an article titled “The Law Made Flesh: St. Paul’s Corinth and Shakespeare’s Vienna” in the summer 2013 issue of Christianity and Literature (vol. 62, no. 4).
  • Paul Teed, professor of history, had an article titled “Loyalty and Liturgy: Union Occupation and Religious Liberty in Wilmington, North Carolina, 1865,” accepted for publication in American Nineteenth Century History. The research and writing of the article was funded by the Ruth and Ted Braun Fellowship and it will appear in January 2014.

Those Who Changed Us

Throughout our lives, we recall those teachers who had an impact on us. Here, alumni and students share thoughts on SVSU faculty who changed their lives.

Faculty Member
Debra Lively

Debra Lively

"I always knew I wanted to teach, but Dr. Lively really reminded me why - it's all about the kids. She taught me to do what's best for the child."

Jenny (Pelc) Zmiekjko, 2006, B.A., Elementary Education Third grade teacher at St. Pius X Catholic School in Flint