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Auxilary Aids & ServicesĀ for Students with Impaired Vision may include:

Impaired Vision

  • Seating near front of class; good lighting
  • Large print signs, and equipment labels
  • TV monitor connected to microscope to enlarge images
  • Assignments in electronic format
  • Software to enlarge screen images
  • Software to adjust screen colors
  • Use large font for printing syllabi, handouts and tests.
  • Extended time on tests.


  • Printed materials available electronically
  • Describe visual aids
  • Handouts and tests in Braille
  • Raised-line drawings and tactile models of graphic materials
  • Braille lab signs, equipment labels; auditory lab warning signals
  • Adaptive equipment (e.g., talking thermometers and calculators; tactile timers)
  • Computer with optical character reader, voice output, (JAWS)
  • Audio record lectures
  • Electronic text books



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