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Golden Apple Award

In an effort to show appreciate to a few of the faculty who have demonstrated an attitude of acceptance,  students with disabilities can nominate their faculty for the Golden Apple Award. 

Faculty must receive at least 2 nominations to be voted on.  All students with disabilities can nominate and then vote on faculty for the Golden Apple Award.

The awards are limited to five faculty each year.  The students present the awards to the faculty at the annual end of the year party in April.

Past recipients:

Albert Plaush

Andrew Swihart

Bob Lane

Jim Geistman

Laurie Reed

Kerry Segal

Lucy Mercier

Elson Boles

Joni Boye-Beaman

Nyk Bartkiw

William Wuerful

Ydha Pratama

Tom Meehan

Steve Sherlock

Elizabeth Rich

Holly Child

Ken Jolly

Rob Drew

Larry Roeske

Aron Drake

Michelle Silva

Bob Pratt


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