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Amigos/Wheelchairs Temporary Use


Amigos are available to all students, staff and visitors of SVSU for temporary and/or occassional use.

Individuals may check out Amigos from the Circulation Desk in the Library. Amigos cannot be delivered. Users will read and sign the Amigo User Agreement before using.   Student ID, Valid Driver’s License, or state I.D., and a contact phone number are required.

Hours for Amigo use are: 8:00 am to 10:30 p.m. – Amigos must be returned to the Library by 10:30 p.m. Amigos need to be returned at the required times to the location it was checked out.   No exceptions.

You will be required to sign an Amigo User Agreement, showing that you accept responsibility for the care of the SVSU Amigo and understand all of the SVSU Amigo Policies and rules for use. The user may also be held responsible for any damages occurred during use of the Amigo, beyond normal wear and tear.

Individuals are responsible to ensure any food or drink spills are wiped up before returning the Amigo and all materials are removed from the basket.

Amigos may not be reserved. Amigos are available on a first come first serve basis. All are required to rent or purchase a private Amigo if needed for more than two days.

Amigos are to be used on the central campus property only. Amigos are not to be taken to university housing or parking lots.

The key should be removed from the Amigos anytime the Amigo is left temporarily outside a classroom or office.

Amigo users who violate the Amigo Use Policy and Procedure may be denied the opportunity to use an Amigo until after they have met with, and get permission from the Director of Disability Services.

Contact Us


Ann Coburn-Collins,
Director of Academic Support Programs

Wickes 260

Scott MacLeod
Assistant Director of Disability Services & Academic Support

Wickes 260

Deborah Rickert
Office Coordinator

Science East 201/Wickes 260