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How to Use AIMs

AIM Instructions for Students


For any questions, contact the DS Office, 964-7000.  If you would like DS to walk you through these processes, feel free to stop in during our office hours.

Accessing AIM online:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on red button “My Profile”

  3. Log in using your SVSU ID and Password

  4. The “Overview” will list any actions you need to fulfill. 

  5. Your access links, eligibility, and services are listed on the left side of page.


To Select Accommodations:

  1. Under “Select Accommodations for Your Class”, follow the Steps

  2. Step 1- Select your class(es)

  3. Step 2- Click “Continue to Customize Your Accommodations”

  4. Select the Accommodations you need for each individual class

  5. Click “Submit”

(If you want to change/add any accommodations or have any questions related, contact DS Office)


Printing Faculty Notification Letters:

(After you have selected your accommodations for each class)

  1. Select your class under “Printing Faculty Notification Letter in PDF”

  2. Click “Generate PDF”

  3. Choose to either Open or Save


Scheduling a Test:

If you are eligible for Alternative Testing, follow these steps to schedule a test.

  1. Under “My Accommodations” on left side of screen, click on “Alternative Testing”

  2. Select class under “Alternative Testing Contract(s)”

  3. Click “Schedule an Exam”

  4. Under “Exam Detail”

    1. Select your class

    2. Select type of test

    3. Fill in Date

    4. Select Time

    5. Check Services Requested

    6. Add any additional notes

  5. Click “Add Exam Request”

At this point, your Professor will receive an email to fill out the “Testing Permit/Contract”.  They only have to fill this out one time per class.  Once the permit/contract is filled out online, DS will approve your testing time, assigning you to a location either within the DS office or at the Cardinal Testing Center (SE142).

(If you need to change the date/time/etc., you can do so by clicking back into the “Alternative Testing” section.  Then click on “Modify Request” of the test you are updating.)


Requesting Electronic Books:

If you are eligible for Electronic Textbooks, once you have selected your accommodations, DS is automatically notified of your need.  You can customize requests and add book information by going to:

  1. Under “My Accommodations” on left side of screen, click on “Alternative Formats”

  2. Choose your Format Preference

  3. Add in book information under “Reading Materials”  (try to include as much information as possible).  Must include NAME OF BOOK AND ISBN # to process order.

  4. Click “Submit Request”

We ask that you first search for electronic formats online before purchasing your textbooks from the bookstore/other sites.  For assistance and suggestions, please contact Scott MacLeod, 989-964-4054. If these alternative sites do not have your needed text, we will continue the search from our end.