About Us

Student Learning Goals

The SVSU-CJ mission is to prepare students to develop the technological and critical thinking skills to become evidence-informed strategic decision makers, equipped to be strategic and ethical leaders in criminal justice fields.

To achieve our mission, the learning objectives for our students include equipping students with:

  • general subject matter knowledge about core concepts and processes in the criminal justice system, and more advanced knowledge in a chosen area (such as policing, security, courts, corrections, social justice, or criminology),
  • an understanding of the power of evidence-informed arguments and decisions,
  • knowledge about what constitutes credible evidence and where and how to find that evidence,
  • the ability to be a sophisticated (and critical) consumer of information and evidence,
  • an understanding of, and an ability to use, theories and frameworks for evidence-informed decision-making,
  • the ability to extract and apply core concepts and key points to real-life issues,
  • the ability to communicate evidence-informed information in clear, compelling, and complete written and oral formats,
  • understanding of how technology could assist in strategic decision-making,
  • knowledge about the value of interpersonal communication for conflict resolution and decision-making,
  • an appreciation of the value of diverse viewpoints,
  • knowledge of the criticality of personal and professional ethical standards and the development of personal and professional standards, and
  • the ability to develop, progress along, and succeed in their chosen professional path.

Professional Organizations/Standards that informed development of learning outcomes: Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS) evidenced-based standards for Criminal Justice Baccalaureate degree programs