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The primary goal of the Michigan Certified Public Manager® program is to foster and encourage the highest possible levels of performance and ethical practice of public and non-profit sector managers in order to effectively provide services and continuously improve the performance of state, local and federal government and of the non-profit sector.

The MCPM® program’s intent is to guide public managers to incorporate theory and best practices into their behaviors and strategies. Saginaw Valley State University and the National CPM Consortium, through a joint effort, will provide developmental opportunities to public managers to enhance their ability to provide effective public sector service.

This program:

  • Offers a comprehensive course of study by which public and non-profit managers can acquire and apply best practices and theory to their leadership and management of people, processes, and organizations.

  • Is designed to address competencies that facilitate exceptional job performance and organizational success.

  • Applies theory to practical problems facing the participant, their agency, department, or organization, and citizens.

 Directional Arrows Program Goals

  • To strengthen organizational performance by improving the effectiveness of Michigan’s public managers
  • To recognize and promote public management as a profession
  • To provide a course of study by which public management principles and skills can be acquired and applied
  • To foster access to such training and education to Michigan’s public managers
  • To establish an objective assessment of a public manager’s professional knowledge and performance
  • To establish a standard by which public managers can be recognized

Those who complete the program earn a national trademark designation of CPM® (Certified Public Manager®).

The National Certified Public Manager Consortium establishes accreditation standards and reviews members’ programs for initial or continuing accreditation. Saginaw Valley State University became the only university in the state of Michigan accredited to grant the designation to program graduates.

Please visit the National CPM Consortium site at http://www.cpmconsortium.org.

The Michigan CPM® Program has officially become an Active Member of the National program in 2007. During our pilot year of 2007 – 2008, a limited number of positions from state, county and local agencies participated in this exciting program the first year in the state of Michigan Candidates were selected based on applications for the program.

The benefits for the Organization are:

  • Improved services through process improvement projects
  • Building a pool of internally developed leaders
  • Retaining employees with leadership potential
  • Implementing new approaches to agency challenges and opportunities
  • Sharpening skills through networking and continuing education

The benefits for the Individual are:

  • Recognition of your commitment to professional standards and achievement in public management through the attainment of the professional designation
  • Organizational systems and cultures
  • Knowledge of state government infrastructure & trends
  • Association in a network of professional public managers in Michigan and other member states of the American Academy of Certified Public Managers
  • Continued training opportunities: workshops and seminars offered to participants and graduates of the MCPM program
  • Awareness of new developments in the theory and practice of public management and innovation through the application of new ideas and approaches gained through participation in the MCPM Program
  • Opportunity to contribute to the development of professional public management through special projects
  • Satisfaction of having professional preparation for assuming the responsibilities of public management

Checklist Program Requirements

You may apply at any time for admission to the MCPM® program that begins the following current session. If you wish to apply for participation in the MCPM® Program, you should:

  • Be selected/recommended by your employer
  • Hold a supervisor or managerial position for at least one year; or hold a program management position responsible for technical or professional support to the agency; or be identified by the agency as an individual showing interest/potential for advancement into such position
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from your supervisor
  • Commit to complete requirements for certification

Calendar How this Course Works

The program consist of 18 classes that are online “anywhere, anytime” learning to fit your busy life style. Five classes are held on campus to provide a forum for networking with other professionals from around the state and for classes that are best held face-to-face.

Transfer Credit Hours

The full program provides invaluable interaction with other public-sector employees and unique opportunities to translate management theory into practice. With that in mind we may accept credit for those college level course that meet MCPM® course objective and specifics. The course acceptance will be determined by the Program Director and the course instructor. If a course is accepted, there will be a $300 course transfer fee per course accepted as a substitute. When submitting your course for transfer you must include transcript, official course description, course requirements and indicate if exams were required in the course and a $50 fee for auditing per course payable at the time the request is submitted. 

What happens after I've completed the program?

Individuals who have earned the MCPM® designation are eligible for membership in the American Academy of Certified Public Managers. The American Academy offers an annual Professional Development Symposium which is also an excellent opportunity for graduates to interact with members from other states.

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Question Mark Additional Information

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Who Should Attend:

Applicants for the MCPM® Program must be employed with a Michigan: governmental, county, city, local government, quasi government, non-profit, public utilities or educational organization and have direct or functional supervision of people, major projects or major programs. Participants may also be elected or appointed officials of any Michigan government office.


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