Computer Lab and Library Printing Policy


In order to restrain the growth in printing costs in computer labs students are no longer given unlimited printing privileges in computer labs and in the Library on the University Center Campus of SVSU..


  1. Each registered student will be given an allocation of 400 pages ($20.00) of printing for each Fall and Winter semester. The print balance of $20 is based on black and white print costs being factored at $.05 per page (400 x .05 = 20.00). Color printing will deduct $.50 per page from your print balance .
  2. Each registered student will be given an allocation of 200 pages ($10.00) of printing for each Spring and Summer semester. Deductions for black and white or for color printing are as noted above.
  3. You will receive an e-mail message when your print balance drops below $1.00.
  4. If you attempt to print a document that costs more than your balance, the print job will be deleted. Check your print balance to determine if you have sufficient funds.
  5. Individual student charges and print balances will be tracked by your UserID/E-mail ID.
  6. Students can check their printing balance at:
  7. If a student needs to purchase/add more pages to their print balance, they can do so at the main desk of the Library or the Campus Financial Services Center (Wickes Hall), or online using the printbalance link above. Students may purchase additional prints at the $.05 per page (minimum whole dollar increments).
  8. Unused pages of the 400 pages allocation per semester are not carried forward. Students currently enrolled but not registered for classes will have a 20 page allocation available, to assist with printing of financial aid award letters between semesters. Once the allotment has been used up during that period of non-registration, students will need to purchase additional pages (see provision #7 above).
  9. Unused pages of any purchased increase in printing balance (item 6 above) are carried forward to the next semester.

Miscellaneous Provisions

  1. Newly-admitted students will receive an automatic balance of 10 pages to facilitate orientation etc.
  2. Students with an incomplete or missing grade (who do not register for the following semester) will be allowed to carry their print balance forward to facilitate their printing to complete their coursework.
  3. Misprint Credits for students: On occasion, a printer may not produce a page of an acceptable quality. If you encounter such a situation, and feel that your 400 page allotment is in danger to the degree you may have to pay for additional pages now or in the future, you must bring the evidence to the I.T. Support Center in Curtiss 150, in order to be given credit for the print job. The Support Center has the responsibility to make the final decision as to if the printing is or is not of acceptable quality.
  4. Employees will be given a printing balance of 400 pages for Fall and Winter semesters and 200 pages each for Spring and Summer semesters.
  5. If an employee needs an increased printing balance, they should contact the I.T. Support Center at x4225.
  6. This policy does not currently include computer lab printing at the Macomb Graduate Center, Saint Clair Community College, or Troy.
  7. Unused pages of any purchased increase in printing balance will be forfeited in the middle of the next Fall or Winter semester in which the student is not registered. Refunds are not made. As this also applies to new alumni, please exercise judgment on what you plan to use so as to not leave a significant balance at the end of the semester.
  8. Unused pages of any purchased increase in printing balance will be forfeited mid-way through Fall and Winter semesters if that semester marks the first Fall or Winter semester for which the student was eligible to register based on admittance and the student is not registered.
  9. Unused pages of any purchased increase in printing balance will be forfeited should the student become an employee at SVSU as defined in the Employee Technology Access Policy.
  10. Individuals who obtain a listener's permit for a class are eligible for an allocation of 50 pages ($2.50).
  11. Guest accounts are eligible for an allocation of 10 pages ($.50) and Special Technology Access accounts receive an allocation as needed.
  12. To reduce the chance of accidental and run away print jobs, if a print job is greater than 100 pages or the same document is submitted for printing within 15 seconds of the first submission, the print job will not be processed.

This formal Lab and Library Printing Policy was adopted by SVSU in the Fall 2003 semester.

One of the primary purposes for enacting a formal policy was to reduce the excessive printing of a relatively small number of students, using a 400 page allotment as the baseline. In 2003, we started with 13% of the student body printing over 50% of the overall volume. After enacting the policy, the data has consistently shown the averages of excessive printing dropping to 9% of the students being responsible for nearly 27% of the overall volume (significantly down from the original 50%). In addition, you can extrapolate that the 400 page allotment meets the printing needs for over 91% of the students printing in the SVSU Labs and Library.