ITS Primary Teaching & Open Labs Maintenance & Upgrade Procedures

Hardware is on a four year replacement plan.

All teaching computer labs are checked weekly for supplies and overall condition.

All labs with open hours are checked by student lab monitors during their shifts for proper workstation and printer operation. They report malfunctions to the Help Desk and also perform spot cleaning/sanitizing of equipment.

Between semesters all CPUs, keyboards, mice and monitors are vacuumed and user accessible surfaces are wiped with sanitizing products.

Antibacterial hand soap dispensers are provided in all labs.


While some lab software is added between semesters, the majority of campus software upgrades for the next school year occur during the summer and begin with requests made during the Winter semester to coincide with textbook deliberations.

For more information please see the software installation policy Software Policy (65kB)

Instructors are encouraged to promptly report any room malfunctions using the phone located in each lab (Help Desk @ 4225)