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College of Education Admissions

Guest Admissions

Graduate students who are presently attending another university/college and want to complete a graduate course at SVSU, must complete a MIGS_Guest_Application (11kB) to become a guest student at SVSU.

The guest student must be in good standing at their home institution and must obtain the signature of their advisor, the home institution’s MIGS Liaison Officer, and the institution’s official seal prior to submitting the MIGS application to the SVSU College of Education’s Admissions and Certification Office. A check or money order made out to SVSU for $25.00 for the application fee must accompany the form.

Upon receipt of the completed MIGS form, the SVSU College of Education will process it and, with approval of admissions, will forward a username and password for the student to login in to the mySVSU portal to register and pay for their course. Processing requires at least 24 hours.

The guest student is responsible for making arrangements with the SVSU Registrar’s Office to have an official copy of their transcript sent to their home institution to receive the transfer of credit.

Guest students pay tuition and fees normally charged by SVSU and are not eligible for financial aid from SVSU. Questions can be directed to

Submit completed DOMESTIC applications, transcripts and required materials to:

Office of Graduate Admissions
Saginaw Valley State University
160 Wickes Hall
7400 Bay Road
University Center, MI 48710
(989) 964-6096
(989) 964-2788 - fax

Teacher Education Program Prerequisites & Admission Requirements

The College of Education accepts applications twice a year for admission to the elementary and secondary Teacher Education Program. Pre-education majors preparing to enter the Teacher Education Program should become well acquainted with each of the program policies and procedures below.

Step 1 - Be a current SVSU student
Step 2: Complete Prerequisites
Step 3 - Pre-Education Seminar Dates
Step 4: Apply to Teacher Education Program in Tk20
Step 5 - Follow-Up After Completing Application
Step 6: TEP Interview
Step 6: Fingerprinting and Criminal Background Check