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Three Steps to SVSU

1. Attend a Certification Informational Seminar.

Do you have your baccalaureate degree and would like to teach for the first time? You must attend a Certification Seminar. Here we will talk about the requirements of our teaching program. These seminars are held at our Regional Education Centers and on the main campus. Find out when one is taking place near you! Already teaching? Skip to Step 2!

2. Make an appointment with a Certification Advisor.

At your one-on-one appointment with a certification advisor, we will evaluate your baccaluareate degree and advise you on your steps to certification. Already teaching and are seeking to renew certification, an endorsement, pursue a graduate degree or begin taking classes for renewal? Call the Regional Education Center near you!

3. Ready to get started? Apply now!

We're looking forward to seeing you soon!