Mission & Vision Statement

College of Education Vision

The College of Education will become a key resource to the region and a leader in educator preparation.


College of Education Mission

The mission of the College of Education is to serve our regional, state, and global partners by preparing educators, surrounding them with collaborative learning communities, while fostering personal, academic, and professional growth through multiple, varied, and rigorous learning opportunities.


Alignment with Saginaw Valley State University Vision and Mission:


Saginaw Valley State University Vision

The University will provide academic, professional, and cultural programs at the highest levels of quality and service; it will achieve national recognition for its programs of distinction.  The University’s graduates shall distinguish themselves and their University through meritorious service, accomplishments, and leadership to the economic, cultural, and civic affairs of a diverse and global society.  Through exemplary teaching, research, and engagement with the greater community, the University will also be the premier cultural and intellectual resource for the region’s schools, governments, businesses, and people.


Saginaw Valley State University Mission

The University creates opportunities for individuals to achieve intellectual and personal development through academic, professional, and cultural programs.  By fostering an environment of inquiry and openness that respects the diversity of all whom it serves, the University prepares graduates whose leadership and expertise contribute to the advancement of a pluralistic society.  The University serves as a cultural and intellectual center dedicated to the pursuit and propagation of knowledge.