SVSU Special Education


Special Education: Undergraduate


The Special Education (Emotionally Impaired or Cognitive Impairment) K-12 Endorsement program requires successful completion of one content minor and a planned program minor in the elementary education program. It also includes successful completion of 22 credit hours of foundation courses and 16 credits of Special Education core coursework, as well as an additional semester of student teaching in a Special Education Classroom. Interested candidates must be accepted into the College of Education Elementary or Secondary Teacher Education Program prior to taking courses for the endorsement with exception given to the psychology courses required. The faculty members in the Special Education Program see the Special Education Teacher as a classroom teacher specially prepared to work with a broad population of learners encompassing an entire continuum of learning abilities. The program is designed to help classroom teachers focus on the high incidence of special needs students - including: Emotional/Behavioral Disorders and Cognitive Impairments, at both the Elementary and Secondary levels. Students interested in this program will pursue a major in Special Education teaching the emotionally or cognitive impaired at either the Elementary or Secondary level. Special Education teachers must also be certified to teach in a regular Elementary or Secondary classroom. Student teaching experiences must be done in both the regular and Special Education classrooms. Further information may be obtained from the University catalog or an advisor in the Special Education Program.


Special Education: Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.)


The Master of Arts in Teaching Degree in Special Education consists of 38 credit hours and is an ideal degree program for classroom teachers who wish to pursue teaching in the area of special education. In addition, those who enroll in this program will have the potential to build confidence in teaching, gain new ideas for current best practices of teaching, develop skills for reaching all students, and network with other educators for sharing ideas. This program is supported by highly qualified faculty, both university based and adjunct, providing an excellent combination of theoretical and practical application.

Associated Endorsement

SVSU offers endorsements in Cognitive Impairment, Learning Disabilities, and Emotionally Impaired. Students have the option to complete an endorsement in one of these areas and follow with the completion of the master's degree or they may just complete the endorsement or master's degree only. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with a Certification Officer prior to starting this program. The Certification Advisor will walk the student through the coursework, course prerequisites, and state testing requirements for the Cognitive Impairment, Learning Disabilities, or Emotionally Impaired endorsement program. The advisor will also counsel students on how their chosen endorsement program will evolve into a Master's of Arts Degree in Special Education and provide additional information regarding the number of credit hours and courses that are needed for students who are employed in a special education classroom under a Emergency Special Education Permit.


Education Specialist (Ed.S.): Directorship in Special Education


The Education Specialist degree provides a planned program of graduate studies beyond the master's degree and is a leadership degree that prepares individuals to assume professional roles in administration and supervision.

**To schedule an appointment with a certification advisor on campus, please call 989-964-4057. Macomb and Oakland students should call the Macomb Regional Education Center at 586-749-0067.