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This is a statewide education information network that provides products and services that help education stakeholders improve outcomes for all Michigan students. It strives to increase awareness of special education issues and resources; provide information and services to impact educational programs and services; and offere publication and documents that provide information and opportunities to tap into a vast statewide and national resouce network. Look for Leading Change; FOCUS on Results; the Michigan Directory of Service Providers for Infants, Toddlers, and Students with Disabilities; Revised Administrative Rules for Special Education; and Procedural Safeguards.


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Healing Thresholds (Weekly News and Information on Autism Therapies)

Volume 2, Issue 50 (57kB)
Volume 2, Issue 52 (32kB)
Volume 3, Issue 1 (31kB)

MT Transition Project E-News

March 2009 (Volume 6, Issue 1) "Wrestling Smiles" & "Emerging Leader Power Lifting"

December 2008 (Volume 5, Issue 6) "Flying the 'Friendly' Skies" & "Traveling with a Child Who Has Autism"

September 2008 (Volume 5, Issue 5) "Vocational Rehabilitation as a Partner in Transition"


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Teacher Education Division of the Council for Exceptional Children (TEDLines)

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